Marna Clowney-Robinson

Marna Clowney-Robinson lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and works as the Circulation Supervisor for the University of Michigan Music Library. Marna has a BA in Psychology and Sociology from Concordia University in Ann Arbor and did graduate work in Women/Gender Studies and Psychology at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Marna feels her ethnic background as a Native American/Afro-Cuban American has provided her with the passion to see more Native Americans exposed to Librarianship. She hopes to be a positive and contributing mentor to diverse populations and within her own community. Her work with the University Libraries has prepared her for a library career since she is familiar with the process of reference and collection development, and providing personal support to the end users of these collections.

Marna says her mother raised her to see that a book was much more than just something to read; it was a window to different diverse cultures and worlds. Marna hopes to be a part of the profession that will help all cultures and inspire other minorities to look at Librarianship as a career for themselves.

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picture of Marna Clowney-Robinson