Jacqueline Freeman

Jacqueline Freeman lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and works for the Print Acquisitions Department of the University of Michigan Library as an Information Resources Assistant Intermediate. She holds a BA in English and French from Kalamazoo College and an MA in English from Michigan State University.

As a more mature student, she looks forward to contributing the unique point of view that comes from her life experiences. She is an African-American first generation college graduate, has been an entrepreneur, has taught, and has managed employees. Most recently, she has become involved in diversity and inclusion work and has nurtured conversations aimed at fostering a workplace climate where diverse individuals can thrive and where the advantages of our diversity are realized. She is also really looking forward to learning from the view points of the younger students that will be her cohorts. The world is changing rapidly, and she would like to be part of the changes that are taking place and to learn from the students who are making those changes happen.

Looking ahead to the successful completion of her MLIS coursework and to joining the LIS profession, she will take great pride in representing the profession. "It is important that the patrons we serve see themselves reflected in our profession, in the materials that we collect, and the thought we put into how to remain accessible and focused on the mission of serving the public."

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picture of Jacqueline Freeman