Jose Guerrero

Jose Guerrero lives in Berkeley, California and works as a Bookstore Assistant for Meyer Boswell Books, Inc. and Libros Latinos. Jose graduated from the University of California - Santa Cruz in 2012 with a BA in Literature, concentrating on creative writing and Spanish literature. During his studies, he spent six months abroad at the University of Copenhagen. He was also one of ten, selected from a campus-wide pool of applicants, to receive a Humanities Undergraduate Research Award (HUGRA) for his project, Ink Tithe, a hand-bound book of found poems. It is one of only two creating writing proposals ever chosen in this award’s history.

For Jose, Project IDOL offers a chance to apply his academic and artistic interests in a professional field that combines his love of books and passion for original research. As a librarian he will also be better suited to assist future scholars in his family and community, much like public libraries and school teachers assisted him.

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picture of Jose Guerrero