Aaron LaFromboise

Aaron LaFromboise, an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe of northern Montana, lives in Browning, Montana and works as a Library Technician for the Medicine Spring Library at Blackfeet Community College. Her library is not only an academic library but also a community library and the official Blackfeet Tribal archives. The library serves the reservation, outlying rural communities and researchers from around the world.

Aaron received a BA in Liberal Studies - Natural Science from the University of Oklahoma and has done post-graduate work in Library and Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

While Aaron feels like she is already an asset to the LIS profession, an MLIS degree will help her make Medicine Spring Library a better place for the students and the community. She is on track to become the Library Director since the current director has plans to retire soon. This would make her the first member of the Blackfeet Tribe from the community to hold the position of library director in the 38 year existence of Blackfeet Community College.

Aaron knows that her understanding of Blackfeet tribal culture, religion and language will help take the library and Tribal Archives forward into the future. She also has dreams of adding on to the current library, collaborating with the Tribe to obtain records and doing community outreach to help reservation residents feel comfortable using the facility. Future plans also include working with local family members to assist in strengthening the archival collection.

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picture of Aaron LaFromboise