Sandra Loera

Sandra Loera lives in Boise, Idaho and works as a Library Materials Specialist for the Boise Public Library. Sandra received her BA in English Literature from Boise State University in 2011.

Shaped by her Mexican-American heritage and her enthusiastic desire to bridge cultural gaps within her community, Sandra’s experience in libraries the past few years has taught her so much about the work that library professionals perform and how that work changes lives. Being a witness to this has altered her perspective of what she believed librarians to be, and her life as a whole.

Sandra looks forward to developing better ways to engage the Hispanic population in her city, to learning the intricacies of cataloging, or finding the creativity for an amazing story time. She realizes that her work is meant to influence others to better themselves. And perhaps along the way show them that a change of view can not only be breathtaking but altogether transformative.

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picture of Sandra Loera