Jesse Lopez

Jesse Lopez moved to Detroit to study for his MLIS at Wayne State. A native of the San Gabriel Valley east of Los Angeles, he previously served as a linguist and analyst in the United States Marines, stationed most recently at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Jesse received his BA in History from the University of California - Santa Barbara in 2008.

Jesse’s participation in Project Idol will help him professionalize his existing talents and provide him with the education and means to succeed as a public librarian in his community. Librarianship appeals to his best qualities and most developed skills.

Jesse feels he is uniquely equipped to serve both Hispanic/Latino/Spanish speaking patrons and military veterans as a librarian in the San Gabriel Valley. He is Mexican American, functionally bilingual, and a United States Marine Corps veteran. He feels he has the unique ability to share valuable firsthand information regarding the many services local libraries and government provide to the people whom they were designed to serve.

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picture of Jesse Lopez